About Us



Our firm is producer of powdered food products, especially produces instant beverage powders.

To serving the technical needs of production we have a complete processing line which is suitable also for small- and large-scale of production and product packaging.

By this complete processing and packaging line we also can offer contracted production, contracted packaging or complete producing and packing service to our clients.

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We do the production of ’dry’ products by a LÖDIGE ploughshare mixer, which have a 1:100.000 homogenizing rate property, by this property the different kind of aromas and additives could be homogenize perfectly.

In our laboratory we can provide the opportunity to labor special product developing concepts, creating special recipes. We can flexibily manage the needs of our clients and strive to serve the special needs of customers.

Raw materials are directly purchased from producers whose are well-known and recognized producers by their high qualitied products. All of the raw materials of these qualified producers are regularly controlled by high physical, chemical and microbiological tests, thus we guarantee the development and production of excellent qualitied products.

Our main aim is to offer excellent quality products for competitive price, furthermore we are determined to build up the kind of long-term relationships with our customers which is beneficial and profitable for all parties.

Hope we can welcome you and your organization as our client soon!