szolgaltatasok-imgUnder the services of contract manufacturing, we offer the following services and solutions:

• product development, development of own receipes for clients, powder mixing,

• production of finished products,

• private label packaging.

We do the production in conformity of valid EU food standards and expectations. We have all necessary certifications of hygiene and quality standards.

All used raw materials and excipients are inspected carefully before production and we use only examined, good qualitied raw materials in our products.

In packaging we can offer packing in standing foil bags by using flat foil and filling bags in cardboard box. The preference of standing foil bags, that it’s foot drive makes easy to stand them on the shelfs and furthermore it is an economical packing solution. We can offer simple one colour – our standard is white – foil film packaging by black ink printing. We can offer the solution of private label packaging by own text printing on standard, one colour foil and also can arrange packing in special, private labeled bags by printing the text with black ink.

We offer customized solutions from the selection of raw materials, through to develop client’s own recipes and finalized with the best packing solution of finished products.

If we aroused your interest, please feel free to contact us by using any of our contacts!

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